Our Mission

Photo by Kelly, age 17

The mission of Voces de Cambio is to foster young women’s intellectual and creative growth, self-confidence, and ability to participate as active leaders in the development of a just and democratic society. Voces de Cambio focuses on the exploration of issues such as discrimination, gender equality, and civic engagement.

Voces de Cambio is based on the beliefs, principles, and evidence that:

  • The authentic participation of young people is critical to the development and protection of a democratic society, and that young women have a particular role to play in shaping a positive future.
  • Adolescence is a critical time in a girls’ development – providing opportunities that help them to feel a sense of belonging, explore their strengths, and build their confidence is crucial, especially in a society that tends to significantly undervalue their contribution.
  • Alternative forms of education help prepare the next generation for the responsibilities of adulthood.
  • Learning the art of writing and photography in a supportive, all-girl environment gives participants the confidence to find their voices and discover their strengths.
  • Healthy, stable relationships with teachers and mentors who serve as role models are key to the quality of any youth development program.