Photo by Brenda Zapeta, Voces de Cambio Alumna.

Expression. Participation. Transformation.


Voces de Cambio (Voices of Change) is a program for teenage girls in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, that fosters intellectual and creative growth, self-confidence, and leadership. Through creative expression, principally writing and photography, Voces de Cambio believes that young women can begin to challenge deeply ingrained and destructive social norms that preclude them from contributing to the development of a just and democratic society.

Voces de Cambio was born out of the necessity to provide a safe space for Guatemalan girls to begin to imagine a new role for themselves in their homes, schools, and communities. Using writing and photography, Voces de Cambio encourages girls to construct a new “social narrative”, one in which they occupy an equal and authentic voice.


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    Voces de Cambio is an all-girls after school program in Guatemala that provides young women a safe place to come together to learn, share and laugh all while developing strong, independent voices.

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    Over the past eight years our participants have taken some amazing photos, and more recently our graduates have begun working in video, creating some powerful documentary videos.

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    We have a number of our participant’s photographs available for purchase online. All proceeds are split between Voces de Cambio and the artist so buying a print benefits both our work and helps support a burgeoning photographer in Guatemala.

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    Spending a few weeks in Xela? Want to get involved at home helping raise funds to support our program? We’re always looking for great people so please get in touch to find out what volunteer opportunities are currently available.


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